June 23 - July 9, 2023



Summer 2023



Washburn Fair Oaks Park, 200 E 24th St. Minneapolis, MN 55405. Look for colorful Tibetan prayer flags and banners that will lead you to the reception area.

Special Performance: July 6th at the Tibetan community celebration of the Dalai Lama's 88th birthday.

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$25 for adults; FREE for children 12 and under. Pay what you can option available.

If You're Going

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Come Prepared
The Buddha Prince is performed in the outdoors, where nature's elements play an integral role. This requires that we all come prepared to be outside. Wear appropriate shoes for walking up and down dirt paths and on grass. A warm layer such as a sweater, sweatshirt, or windbreaker is also suggested. You may also want to bring along a portable chair, however, keep in mind that the play changes location every five to ten minutes.

Rain Plan
In most cases, we will not cancel due to rain. However, for the most recent performance information, check out our Facebook page.

For updated weather information, visit Weather.com.

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A Touring Production


The Buddha Prince is a touring production, to be performed either in conjunction with the Dalai Lama's teaching visits; or independently, as a local, national or international peace-making event. Proceeds from each performance benefit the Tibetan people, as well as projects and organizations that are geared towards non-violence and human rights.

Past Performances

If you are interested in producing The Buddha Prince, please contact TigerLion Arts.
For information on the Dalai Lama's current teaching schedule, please go to dalailama.com.
For more information about TigerLion Arts, head to tigerlion.org.

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